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Bridgeway Inc.

Galesburg, IL, USA

Bridgeway Inc. is a 501c3 not-for-profit. We are a comprehensive human services organization providing services to persons with disabilities and their families in order to create stronger communities as well as improving quality of life for the individuals we serve.

Bridgeway provides a wide array of services for people of all ages and all abilities so that each and every individual that we serve can achieve their life dreams and goals. Our services include Community Housing, Community Support Services, Developmental Disability Services, Employment Services for Persons with Disabilities, Substance Use Disorder Treatment, Recovery, and Prevention, and Mobile Crisis Response along with Affirmative Business Services.

Everyone Matters!

Each person who enters the doors of Bridgeway has a story that matters to us. Our primary goal is to create opportunities for persons with disabilities and we believe that all people, regardless of their disability, have the right to enjoy the same full range of life experiences that others in our communities enjoy. We believe that each person who desires to live, learn, and work in their community can do so and be successful.