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Northwest Center Against Sexual Assault

415 W Golf Rd suite 47, Arlington Heights, IL, USA

Northwest CASA provides comprehensive sexual assault services.  These services include 1) 24/7 telephone crisis services through our own hotline in Cook County and the McHenry County Crisis Line. 2) 24/7 medical advocacy services at 11 area hospitals with whom we have MOU's governing our responsibilities. 3) 24/7 criminal justice  advocacy at 54 local police departments, two sheriff's departments and at three courthouses.  4) Individual, couple, family and group counseling for Survivors of sexual violence and their significant others 5) Trauma informed yoga group for Survivors who are also engaged in individual counseling services. 6) SART-3 where we facilitate coalition building amongst the criminal justice , education, medical and social services communities in the 3rd Judicial District to better serve adult Survivors and to facilitate community mobilization to prevent sexual violence.  7) Professional training to allied professionals including medical and law enforcement personnel as well as educators and social service providers.  8) Sexual assault prevention education to children, adolescents, college students, parents, business owners on how to reduce risk and increase protective factors that relate to sexual violence victimization.  9) Information and Referral services to any person who contacts Northwest CASA and needs services beyond the scope of our agency 10) Institutional Advocacy through our participation in SART-3, SART-McHenry, Advisory Board for Sex Crimes Division of States Attorney's Office, and with specific agencies, schools, hospitals, police departments to address trends in poor treatment received from Survivors.