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Art of Recovery Services NFP (AOR)

Libertyville, IL, USA

Art of Recovery Services NFP is a not-for-profit Community Mental Health Center(CMHC) that offers quality, evidenced-based services tailored to each individual client.

AOR offers a broad-range of recovery-focused mental health and behavioral health services, including Assertive Community Treatment, Community Support, and Therapy Services.

OUR MISSION is to provide comprehensive and compassionate mental health services guided by the understanding that change isn't linear and recovery is an art. We empower individuals to embrace their recovery, support them in achieving their full potential, and foster a community that promotes mental wellness, resilience and inclusivity.

OUR VISION is to serve as a leader and innovator for community mental health in Lake County and beyond. We are committed to Artful Recovery, recognizing that setbacks and challenges are a natural part of the recovery journey; our services provide the flexibility and collaboration needed to take the next steps in reaching one’s fullest potential.