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SIU School of Medicine

Springfield, Illinois

We are SIU Medicine, a publicly assisted medical school and a clinical practice focused on the health care needs of downstate Illinois. The School of Medicine is part of Southern Illinois University in Carbondale.

For more than 50 years, SIU Medicine has been an innovative leader in medical education and a key player in the development of the regional academic medical center in Springfield. Set amid the city’s growing Mid-Illinois Medical District, the school is a driving force in improving the population’s health.

Our student experience focuses on empathetic values and a philosophy of treating patients as people, not diseases. Creative, interactive training makes our graduates among the most skilled and confident clinicians in the nation.

World-class scientific research and community outreach complement the SIU mission. Together, our faculty, learners and staff are meeting the Triple Aim + 1: health care that is more effective, efficient, equitable and enjoyable.